“ Anjam Pathira” is a unique theatre experience for psycho-thriller fans!

The first comment that came to my mind when coming out of the theatre was, “Oh! Such a

well-written, well-executed suspense thriller”!. Undoubtedly,the most popular entertainment

movie director, Midhun Manuel Thomas has set a benchmark for thrillers with Anjam Pathira. He as a wonderful filmmaker proved that ‘any genre is just safe in his hand’!

A psycho-serial killer is behind police officers and in no time the killer became successful in

creating a fear among the police forces in Cochin. The officers whom people look upon for their safety starts running for life. When the investigation team couldn’t find any trace on the same,comes the most brilliant criminologist, Anwar Hussain, the role played by Kunjacho Boban.

The movie then takes into the most exciting level where the criminologist brings out the life journeyof the killer. The high-and-mighty urgency and the suspense peppered in the right juncturesprovide an exciting thriller experience for the audience.

From start till end the movie could keep the audience hooked. The background scores and

music are extraordinary and could communicate the soul of the script. The spirit of the movie is wired with the cinematography of Shaiju Khalid and also the editing brilliance of Shaiju Sridhar has an excellent role in making the movie a “complete-thriller”!

The casting of the movie is seamlessly perfect! The roles entrusted upon Unnimaya Prasad,

Remya Nambeeshan, Sreenad Bhasi, Jinu Joseph, Indrans, Sharaffudhin, Jaffer Idukki,

Harikrishan were brilliant and beautiful.

The Malayali audience including me always has a special affection towards psycho thrillers and most of the time we applaud for other language psycho-thrillers with content, and here we have an exciting and overwhelming thriller movie from our very own director to applaud for! Anjam pathira is a very promising movie.To feel the excitement and thrill for 2hrs 34minutes, you can book your tickets without a doubt!

Article by Cimona Sebastian

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