Can you self-diagnose coronavirus by holding your breath for 10 seconds?

The coronavirus outbreak continues its relentless spread worldwide with the number of infections and deaths rising expeditiously every day. The number of confirmed cases has touched the mark of 2.5 million across the globe and over 160,000 people have lost their lives due to this pandemic. The surge in the number of positive cases is also giving rise to panic and myths among people. Myths that are based on half-truth and perception can be harmful to you if not busted at the right time. A common myth which is going around on social media these days is that you can self-diagnose your symptoms of COVID-19. The claim is that if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds without coughing or experiencing any discomfort, then you are safe from getting infected from the virus as there is no COVID19 related damage (fibrosis) in the lungs.

What is the basis of the claim

The claim is based on the belief that by the time COVID19 patient gets fever or a cough, their lungs are usually filled with 50 per cent fibrosis, which causes difficulty in their treatment. Holding the breath reveals if your lungs are damaged or not.

The truth

Unlike other myths related to COVID19, there is no truth to this claim. The most common symptoms of coronavirus are dry cough, tiredness and fever. Quite a few people develop severe symptoms like pneumonia. Holding your breath can only give you an idea if you have a cough or not. Only specific tests carried out by the experts in the laboratory can tell if you are infected or not.

The takeaway

It is best to visit your nearest hospital if you feel you are infected with the virus or are witnessing any symptoms of COVID19 lately. Delay in treatment can make your condition even more severe.

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