Coronavirus auto hits Chennai streets to tell people stay at home

An auto modified as the novel coronavirus has been roaming on the streets of Chennai to raise awareness among the people.

While the entire nation is in a government imposed lockdown to fight the novel coronavirus, the people of Chennai are coming up with new and innovative ways to put light on the importance of quarantine. We recently came across an auto that has been modified to look like the new virus.

The main motive behind this idea by the zone 12 division of the Chennai corporation is to raise awareness among people regarding the pandemic.

People in the city are being urged to stay at home and avoid going out on the streets until absolutely necessary. The auto that has been modified to look like the novel coronavirus is out on the streets and the people are being asked to stay at home.

Wearing a face mask has also been made compulsory whenever stepping outside. Anyone who is spotted without a face mask is fined Rs 100 and given 4 cloth masks as an awareness activity by the zone 12 team.

Not long ago, we came across the news of a police official in Chennai wearing a unique novel coronavirus helmet to raise awareness among people about the severity of the situation. This is not all, police officials in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu are using drones for surveillance and making sure that people are staying at home.

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