D Factory promises next-generation interior elements

D Factory, an emerging startup company, initiated in 2015 have ventured into various fields of business in a short period. Placing forward the slogan- "The delusion of things are more beautiful than they are", D Factory put forward the power of youth with creative mentality within an ecofriendly manner as a step to the next generation.

The enterprise kickstarted by three young entrepreneurs, Anis Muhamed an architect, Sajid Aslam and Thanseeh, two B.Com graduates, on the time of their studies, as an event management company. And now the company has wide publicity on the areas of Architecture, Interior element production, Event management and Advertising.

As an event management company, D Factory events put their signature in this field within a short period. The quality of work with an affordable price range made the company, unlike others. Perfection in every event increased the popularity of the company. Now D Factory events have grown up to range that of having a wide range of happy costumers all over Kerala.

D.Ads, the initiative of D Factory in the field of advertising is growing up with increasing in regular customer range in India and abroad. Many MNCs in India, Qatar, UK, etc are utilising the help of D.Ads in advertising.

D Factory interior production is a new and fresh initiative. The slogan of the venture is "step to modern". The company proposes the idea of 'The Next Generation Interior Elements'. D Factory Interior production mainly designs and produces new and elegant varieties of interior elements.

D Factory architects is a ­consortium of architects, designers and engineers with years of experience in a wide range of projects on an international platform. Our expertise in these areas is well reflected in the delivery of projects which surpasses client expectations in quality and timely completion.

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