Do you get easily tired while working from home? Here's what you need to do

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways. When the lockdown started, we also learned new ways to get office work by working from home. With many challenges thrown our way, we slowly kept navigating our way every day through office work, household chores and other constraints created by the absence of a strong support system. No wonder working from home might turn out to be quite challenging and an exhausting affair. You might be surprised to find that you are quite often and easily tired while working from home. And you might not understand why because after all you are not commuting to office or meeting one client after another. You are just sitting at home and doing your office work and household chores. So, what's making you exhausted. We will tell you why you are feeling so tired and how you can overcome it.

There are new pressure that didn't exist earlier

if you are not accustomed to working from home, you might be taken by surprise to find the many pressure you have to face while doing so. Especially, during times like this when you have to jostle household chores and office work. What's worse is, we cannot have a fixed routine to do household work because with no facilities like ordering food from outside or online grocery shopping, we have to cook, go out to buy groceries etc. Plus, people with children also need to look after their children. All these factors can make working from home a very tiring affair. So, how do you address this? Sharing responsibilities with your partner and those who live alone, should not be so strict regarding their household chores like they used to before.

Because you are constantly distracted Whether you may believe it or not, distraction can lead to being less productive at work, which means you would end up spending more time doing the same work from home that you did in the office. No wonder many people are complaining that they spending more time doing office work when they are working from home. This definitely leads to exhaustion or tiredness. The best way to avoid this is by avoiding the distraction. For example, don't attend personal calls, resist the temptation to watch the Television or read a book etc. Focus only of office work during the time meant for office work, that way you would wind up your work faster and get time to relax.

Restricted or no movement can cause mental exhaustion

Being confined to home with no major movement can easily cause mental exhaustion. While we were in office, we had a change of scene when we went for a stroll in the office campus after lunch or went to the coffee machine to fetch a cup of coffee etc. We are mostly stationed in one room while working from home and this can easily lead to monotony and mental exhaustion. To avoid this, you should try taking small breaks and exercise regularly while working from home.

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