Does your boss never notice your good work? Here’s what you need to do

Recognition in the workplace comes only with acknowledgement. But if your hard work never gets noticed by your boss or the team lead, it can be very frustrating, right? A lot of us make this mistake of letting our work do the talking. Truth be told, workplace recognition often requires a lot of effort on your part, and sometimes it’s important to blow your own trumpet. Let’s look at this from your boss’ point of view—first, you are not his only responsibility because he might be managing a team with a lot of people; second, he might be too busy to notice your work; third, he might just have taken your work for granted. Under such circumstances, you will have to take the matter into your own hands and take a few steps to turn the heads of people in higher authorities or your boss. And we will tell you how you can do that.

Volunteer to help your boss with his work

Being a boss is not easy. Also, it means the person is not just responsible for one task but has many things on his plate. If you really want your boss to notice your work, you first need to understand the many duties assigned to him and try to figure out what distresses your boss the most. Whenever you get the opportunity, let your boss know that you are most willing to help him with anything he needs, be it making a presentation or checking the weekly reports. Your proactiveness will not only make your boss notice your work but speak volumes about your sincerity

Apply for award or recognition programmes

There are many awards and recognition programmes for employees related to their specific field. There are organisations that hand out honours to outstanding employees related to their industry. Try to find out how these achievers are chosen for awards and if possible, you can seek your boss’ help to learn about these. This would definitely make your boss take notice of your work and contribution.

Make the right allies in office

Your boss might be a busy person and like we said before, he might not have the time to count the individual contribution of each employee in his team. But your boss would definitely have a close circle of advisers on whose opinion he or she has great trust. So, it’s important to know who can tell your boss about your work. And likewise, you can let the person know about your dedicated work.

It’s not enough to wait for your actions to do the talking. To get noticed by your boss, you also need to do the needful to earn that recognition. So, be a little vocal and proactive and let your boss know about your good work.

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