Don’t let #CoronaLockdown mess up your sleep schedule

Have you noticed a change in your sleep schedule since the lockdown came into effect? Doctors point out that this is happening with a lot of people now and the reasons can be many – ranging from low level of physical activity and change in schedule and pace of office work due to work from home to increased screen time and the unsettling effect of coronavirus-related news.

Indirapuram resident Khilan Arora, who is an entrepreneur, has not had a good night’s sleep for over three weeks now. “Ever since the lockdown, there is hardly any work to do, and I don’t get tired or sleepy. So, I started binge-watching shows online and after the first week of lockdown, I have been sleeping only after sunrise,” says the 26-year-old. He adds, “I have been sharing memes about this on Instagram and it turns out, most of my friends are facing the same issue”.

For Saket resident Aditi Arora, working from home has made her lose track of her sleep schedule. “Earlier, I would wake up at 8am to reach work by 10am. Now, there is not tension of waking up early, and I can start working from home even at noon, which is when I wake up,” says the 28-year-old marketing executive who works in Gurgaon. She adds that overthinking about coronavirus-related news is also giving her sleepless nights.


Low activity levels

Change of office hours and job pace as you work from home

Stressing over coronavirus related news

Increased screen time as you binge on shows or remain hooked to social media

Worrying about financial stability and job security


According to experts, if you continue to sleep late and wake up late regularly, your body clock will get disturbed, leaving you lethargic throughout the day. “It doesn’t matter if you sleep for 10 hours or six hours; if you are sleeping late, your body clock will eventually get disturbed which is why one needs to sleep on time,” says Urvashi Bisht, a psychological therapist. She explains what all can go wrong if your body clock is disturbed:

You may wake up lethargic

To beat the blues, you may reach out for beverages containing caffeine, which will, in turn, make you dehydrated

Your productivity level can be affected

You may get easily irritated or become short-tempered

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