Employee Engagement - Important Step to Company Success

Employees are one of the most important assets of an organization. They actively contribute to the organization's success or failure. The employees’ style of working, commitment and behavior form the habits and values of the workplace and the organization.

It is integral for employers to understand the engagement and commitment levels of employees to ensure a productive work environment. Some indications of commitment of an employee are their pride in their employer and organization, their job satisfaction, their efforts beyond expectations and their future goals and plans.

Google, Facebook, and other major companies were once startups. Employees who were part of them in the beginning and stayed when things were tough are the employees that really matter.

According to Peter Rowe, uncommitted employees follow a routine and do what they want to do in a manner they like to do it. If you suggest some changes they need to make, they will likely give you pushback. These employees learned their jobs through routine and don’t learn from mistakes. “They don’t care about what you are trying to achieve; they only care about their own comfort.” They don’t care about the company or its customers.

A real employee is one who thinks for his company and makes his career growth in the same company.” Lack of good feedback, incentives, appreciation and promotions for a job well done and lack of freedom within their professional capacities will affect commitment.

Employees who know who they are and are interested in understanding how their work fits into the big picture of their organization are also interested in growing professionally and will gladly be held accountable for their performance. They will try to interpret the needs of both the customers and the employers to ensure their most desirable output and sustainability of the organization.

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