Google releases Android 11 Developer Preview 3: New features detailed

The final developer preview of Android 11 focuses on tweaking existing features announced in the first and the second versions of the developer preview.

Google is moving ahead with its plans for Android 11, with the operating system now getting a new version of its developer preview. After releasing the first preview for the OS back in February, the company has now released the third developer preview for Pixel smartphones. The last one of its type, the company will now move to the public beta starting next month.

While this final developer preview does not bring too many new features, and mainly focuses on tweaking existing features announced in the first and the second versions of the developer preview.

The biggest change coming with the final developer preview of Android 11 is an update to app exit reasons. With this, apps that get closed or are exited out from will do so with the exit reasons API, thereby giving developers more details on recent exits from an app and why they happened.

Apart from this, wireless debugging is another feature that's been updated in Developer Preview 3. First introduced in Developer Preview 2, the feature had remained unusable till now. However, with the new update, it has now been made functional.

This allows developers to debug an Android phone on a computer using ADB commands without physically connecting the two. This is expected to make the debugging process quite easy as developers will now just have to enable wireless debugging on their phones to continue with debugging between synced devices over the air.

Developer Preview 3 also includes the addition of GWP-ASan. The feature makes it easier to discover and fix memory safety issues and thereby improve installation times of large APK files.

Previously, Google has previewed new features such as Neural Networks API 1.3, privacy and security features, Google Play System updates, app compatibility, connectivity, image and camera improvements, and low latency tweaks with the Developer Preview 1. With the second developer preview of Android 11, it brought call screening feature and Neural Networks API improvements.

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