‘Howled till three in the morning, could not believe it’: Virat Kohli narrates selection episode

Team India captain Virat Kohli was involved in an online session with students where he emphasised on being motivated and looking at positive aspects of life. He spoke about his own experiences and how they all to play a part in his career. “The first time I was rejected in the state selections, I remember it was late at night and I just cried. I howled till about three in the morning and I could not believe it ,” Kohli said during the session.

“Because I scored well, everything was going perfectly for me. I performed till I reached that stage and I was rejected.

“And I kept asking my coach for two hours, why didn’t it happen? And I couldn’t make sense of it. But when there is passion and commitment, that motivation comes back to you,” he further added.

The right-hander made his debut for Delhi in 2006 and then was named captain of the India Under-19 team for the 2008 Under-19 World Cup. After churning out consistent performances, he was named in the national squad for the ODIs against Sri Lanka.

He has since, established himself as one of the best batsmen of this era and has dominated bowling attacks across all conditions and formats. In a recent chat with Kevin Pietersen on Instagram, Kohli revealed how he was at an all-time low when India toured England back in 2014.

“That is one phase where I felt like, when as a batsman you know you are going to get out in the morning when you wake up. That was the time I felt like that there is no chance I am getting runs. And still to get out of bed and just get dressed for the game and to go out there and go through that, knowing that you will fail was something that ate me up.

“It just demolished me completely. And I promised myself I am never going to allow myself to feel like that ever again in life. I wanted to get runs. I could never think of what does the team want me to do in this situation. just got too engulfed with England tour — if I perform here, Test cricket, in my mind I’m going to feel established and all that crap on the outside, which is not important at all.

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