IM Connect - The Future of Networking in the 21st century

The pandemic has pushed a large proportion of the workforce all over the world out of the cover of security of their jobs. While initially, people thought the slump would be over soon, now it seems like that ship has sailed.

IM Branding has come forward with its very own social media application, IM Connect, to solve the issue of that one thing which baffles us all - money.

Dalson Zacharia Samuel, Founder of IM Connect and the team behind it has structured the application in such a way that this potential can be leveraged to the benefit of both the businesses and the user. While other platforms take, IM Connect gives back to the user, that too in excess.

In a very basic sense, IM Connect bridges the gap between the employer and the employee, no matter where either party is situated in the world. It is interesting to note that IM Connect had chosen the work-from-home model as its mode of work long before it was imposed upon the whole world. IM Connect has been virtually running the social networking platforms from the comfort of their homes. This way, they have cut down on all other costs and have had success with low-cost operations.

IM Coins are a digital currency of the IM Connect referral program users can redeem the coins to purchase products in all the partnered stores and services that accept IM Pay. They can be used for shopping at partnered stores, streaming on movie platforms, mobile recharge and utility payments, travel and accommodation, purchasing groceries, etc.

Through IM Connect, people living in even the remote parts of the country can realize their potential and gain monetary benefits from it. IM Connect is truly a unique contribution to the world and proves to be a necessary tool in the new normal. It topples over the idea of traditional professions, thus widening the scope of employment.

IM Connect stands out as a promising next-generation organization, whose help India can reach greater heights. The expectations of IM Connect are huge, so is its necessity. With IM Connect’s help, Indians will surely be able to find their visions and dreams fulfilled.

IM Charity is an IM Connect initiative created to give back to the less privileged. Our organization does not take donations to help the world. Hence, 10% of our income will be going directly to Charity. IM Charity is a united effort to provide food, shelter, free medical, and quality education for all. Giving is more impactful than ever and it is our goal to make the world a better place.

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