IM Film City to Bring Showbiz to Mangalore

When a movie script has to come to life, the location where it does is most important. That's where Location Managers come in. They are in charge of bringing a director’s vision to life by finding and securing the perfect locations for a movie. They must be creative and handle the logistics to make the location work. Permits, payments to property owners, alerting local police, managing pedestrians, etc. before the shooting starts and handling all the needs of the film crew during the shooting, like their accommodation, food and even maintaining the location are all the responsibilities of the location manager. They are one of the most important parts of a film crew.

Tony Tom is from Kanjirapally and settled in Mangalore and with various family members into both production and acting. He always dreamed of being a part of the film industry as an actor. In 2013, he got his first chance to be a location manager for the Malayalam movie, Gangster. Since then, he has worked as the location manager for various movies, with Dalson as his assistant and eventually got into production. He also got to fulfill his dream of acting in the films, Maram Peyyumbol, Gangster, Tamar Padar, Kayamkulam Kochunni, Prathi Poovan Kozhi (upcoming).

Tony Tom and Dalson made Mangalore proud. Some of the movies they worked on are, Malayalam - Gangsters, IDI, Vimaanam, Virus, Mayanadhi, Kayamkulam Kochunni, Mamankam, Thuramugam, Underworld, Kurup and Jana Gana Mana and in Telugu - Arjun Reddy.

In Mangalore, Karnataka, IM Entertainment has brought in over 100+ Crores of revenue through the various spending required to produce movies. From various local vendors to locations across Mangalore, all have been integral to the production of films and have benefitted from it. A mass production always creates a boom for the economy of a place, and this has happened in Mangalore with various opportunities for employment and business brought to the place. It also greatly increases the scope for tourism in Mangalore.

IM Entertainment is an Indian film and production company. It was founded by Dalson Samuel, CEO of IM Branding with Tony Tom as the Managing Director of IM Entertainment. IM Entertainment is mainly focused on producing films to run in theaters and their OTT platform called IM Films available on IM Connect App. IM Entertainment aims to work on an IM Film City Project in Mangalore so the business revenue generated by the entertainment industry is set to increase even more. They also plan to conduct lots of events, musical festivals and such to really expand their horizons. IM Entertainment by growing and developing the Movie industry in Mangalore also simultaneously benefits the entire economy of the city. From Hotels, restaurants, the food and fish markets, all the local vendors will have their businesses grow in demand. It will serve its purpose of really putting Mangalore on the map as the next big city for movies.

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