Immunity booster agents to fight infectious diseases

It has now been a few months since the entire world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic together. The situation might have reached a very severe stage, but on the positive side, most citizens throughout the world and the nations are fighting this pandemic with optimism and zeal while systematically following the precautionary measures. As guidelines by WHO and the health ministries, most of us are following the proper routine of washing and sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing. We should also try and focus on building and boosting our immunity. A strong immune system assists the body in fighting with the bacteria and viruses entering the body, which is key to a healthy mind and body.

Eating a healthy diet that contains a mix of all required nutrients and an active lifestyle through various exercises is the best way to support immunity.

Here are some food groups that can help support your immunity:

• Citric fruits: Citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, gooseberries, and grapes are rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in increasing the production of white blood cells which are key to fighting infections • Dark leafy greens: Dark, leafy greens are good sources of beta carotene, which is associated with reducing inflammation and increasing disease-fighting cells, which help support one’s immunity

• Foods rich in antioxidants: Our main Indian spice ingredients like onions, garlic, ginger and even vegetables like carrots and pumpkins are high on antioxidants, which is also essential for building up our immune system

• Fermented foods: Fermented foods items like curd, buttermilk, and home-made pickles encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut. With high levels of good bacteria comes strong immunity

The World has stopped for a while, you need not!

Just because many of us are working from home, it’s no reason to not move our bodies and stay fit as before! Physical activities have been known to reduce stress hormones, help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways and refines the circulation of white blood cells (WBC) which ultimately boosts one’s immune system and keeps illnesses at bay.

Here are a few exercises which can help to strengthen the immunity and also could be done from the comfort of your home:

• Home gym: 20-30 minutes mix of different workout sets is a great way to start the day. There are currently even many free apps which lead you through a guided routine

• Yoga: Along with increasing the flexibility of your body, yoga had been known to strengthen you from inside out

• Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises like Pranayam helps regulate the body’s stress levels and ultimately help one strengthen the immunity

• Dance it away: What’s better than groove to your favorite beat, shake off your worries and keeping the illnesses in check!

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