‘Sameer’, a usual story said unusually!‘

Sameer’, a usual story said unusually! Directorial Debut of Rasheed Parackkal’s ‘Sameer’ is a compelling movie based on the beautiful novel, ‘Thakkali Krishi Karante Swapnangal’.

The cinematography and the music of the movie are beautiful beyond words.

The storyline of the movie has something uniquely satisfying that can lift the spirits spreading a positive vibe!

‘Sameer’, speaks about the life and struggle of an expatriate who works at

a tomato plantation. The movie sheds light on a person’s ability to

overcome the hardships with dedication and hard work. The beauty and

innocence of village life are depicted amazingly and as the story

progresses, the loneliness and risk of living alone in a foreign land are

expressed in the best possible way.

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The movie has many interesting aspects and one among that is the role

entrusted upon a radio which turns out to be an inevitable element that

conveys the role of the same in the life of a ‘Pravasi’. The role of Sameer is

secure with Anand Roshan and as a debut actor, he has done an

extraordinary job. The entire crew has taken the movie to a different level

with their passion and hardwork. The main characters were enacted by

Irshad, Pradeep,chinchu, Vinod Koovoor, Mamookoyya, Manju Pathrose,

Neena Kurup and more.

Cinematographer, Roopesh Thikkodi deserves a special mention. He has

arranged a visual treat for the audience by making every single frame

perfect and is very successful in his attempts to communicate emotions

through visuals. The lyrics are written by the director himself. The songs of

the movie express the feelings and thoughts of the characters brilliantly.

‘Jeevante Jeevanay’, a song sung by Sithara krishnakumar and Karthik has

grabbed the appreciation of viewers even before the movie hit the big screen

The movie is successful in exploring love, despair, dedication, and hardship that a common Malayali man has to face when living in a faraway land!!

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