Ways to keep yourself mentally fit in the time of quarantine

What looked like an idyllic holiday in the first couple of days has now started to reek of a staleness, that takes more effort with every passing day to shirk off, to be at peace and to keep anxiety at bay. This is testing us all, and here are are my top few tips to beat the blues!

1. Gratitude:

This cannot be stressed enough. Start the day with just a mental thank you as a chant or a prayer, for every comfort you get to enjoy. Boredom is a luxury not everyone can afford, especially right now, and if thats your biggest worry at the moment, count your blessings! Spare a moment to look out for everyone who works closely with you- colleagues, domestic help, security guards. Help in whatever way you can. Its an immense privilege to be able to give anything at a point like this- Make it count! Even if its just leaving out a slice of bread and water to feed the strays who do not understand this lockdown and are suddenly going hungry and thirsty in the peak of summer. If covid-19 has taught us anything, it is the interconnectedness of nature: we only survive, if the world around us thrives.

2. Sense of abundance:

A lot of people are feeling anxious about the shortage of food supplies, the lack of online food deliveries. This is the time to practice the beautiful art of mindful consumption. Understand your ingredients, be more conscious to the touch and feel of them, to the nutrition they give you, the value they add to your plate, how they make you feel. Operate from a sense of abundance- just to have ingredients in the house to cook with is reason to be immensely thankful for. Trust yourself to plan the rationing wisely, and use this time to get creative!

3. Positivity:

Stay away from getting obsessive about the news around covid-19! If it’s causing hysteria, it’s not worth it. This situation demands consciously establishing positivity and that can take immense effort right now, but it is arguably the most important aspect of keeping your sanity intact. Rephrase sentences using negative adverbs with positive language; Eg. Instead of saying “I’m exhausted” - say instead “I’d love a good rest”. Or instead of “I have to workout tomorrow”, say instead “I get to workout tomorrow.” Known to trick the mind into a happier mood, this is a sneaky little tip to use to your advantage!

4. Set a routine.

Human beings are great at falling into a routine anyway - key is to create one consciously to make the most of this time. That hobby you used to love in school that got left behind? That half finished book? That series you always wanted to binge watch? Master the art of managing your time well, and you get to do it all! Having said that, don't let social media fool you into having to get competitive about justifying your free time. If you want to nap, take that nap! We are all going through a collective traumatic experience - you get to process it as you deem fit to heal and grow.

5. Reset

Guess what? You get to redesign your life completely. All those nagging questions at the back of your mind about your current routine, health, job, living arrangement, food choices, life choices and everything in between can be brought out to the fore. Sit with them, and finally allow them to be dealt with. However you choose to hit that reset button, ensure to create pockets of spaces to continue doing the things that you loved when the world was at its lowest- and remember that it was spending time with your family, cuddling with your pets, video chatting with your best friend and turning to art that got you through.

Inputs by Niharika Nigam, Director- Business Development, Jumpin Heights

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