Wonderful Romeos "A Wonderful Day", 11 Awarded Film is All Set To Release On 03rd Dec ..

Romeo Kattookaran hails from Thrissur Kerala India. He started his career and passion towards acting in Malayalam industry also known as Mollywood. He completed his graduation in Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur. Later, He started his own production house in Kerala and produced television programmes, Albums and Advertisements. He was more intrigued to learn more about movies and led him to fly america to do a course in "The International Film Institute Of New York". Romeo settled in America for the past 10 years and he started a new production house named "Kentwood Films International" and directed the Movie " A Wonderful Day" and the film was acknowledged with 11 International awards already. The movie "A Wonderful Day" was honoured with the following awards which is an absolute commendable achievement.


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1.Award of Recognition from Best Shorts competition ,California.

2.Best First Time Filmmaker from Olympus Film Festival,Los Angeles

3.Best Producer from Olympus Film Festival,Los Angeles

4.Best Film&Grand Prize winner from The Great Lakes State Film Festival,Michigan

5.Best Short From The Great Lakes State Film Festival,Michigan

6.Award of Recognition from The IndieFEST Film Awards,California

7.Best Cinematography from I see You Awards,Michigan

8.Best Editing from I see You Awards,Michigan

9.Hottest up-and -coming actor from I see You Awards,Michigan

10.Hottest up-and-coming Actress from I see You Awards,Michigan

11. Honourable Jury Mention - Social, from 8th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival - 19

Romeo Kattookaran said the purpose of the movie is he encountered food being wasted in restaurants instead of helping the needy people. When asked about this to one his employee her response was not to provide left over or extra food to anyone as it is illegal and should be thrown away in the trash.

Romeo featured the Movie "A Wonderful Day" on the basis of wastage of food in the number of restaurants in the area and the amount of food being merely thrown away in the garbage and seemed its such a waste.

He Explained How and why ? "A Wonderful Day is Born in his Mother Toungue while having an interview.

Nuri Bauswell, Wyoming -based film maker and also the cinematographer for the film said, the purpose of the film is more interesting and the story caught his attention.

Kattookaran said, "While restaurants can not give the food to others,but you or I can offer to needy people".

The motive behind the movie is restaurants will have either containers or something that can be placed that says “A Wonderful Day.” The patron can then take the leftover or extra food and give it to needy person for a good cause.

A Wonderful Day” was shot entirely in Grand Rapids featuring some Good actors. (Kentwood Films)

Jeffery Schlaack

Steve Ostrander

Bryan Caceres

Bill k Kenney

The film based on promoting the concept to help those in need by encouraging people to donate their leftovers, Kattookaran said, he is working on the group plans to work towards promoting the concept to area restaurants. He has started it at Kentwood Chicken and Fishes restaurant located in the Marathon gas station in the corner of 44th Street and Shaffer Avenue.

For more information about “A Wonderful Day,” visit the Kentwood Films International website.


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